CM-100A Automatic Punching Machine


  • Linking device operates according to the punching speeds and count collecting of the forming machine.
  • Precise and quick servo control.
  • The eccentric wheel interchanges vertically featuring high torsion and low noise.
  • Two-stage feeding controlled modules and module sequence.
  • Prompt Changing Mold.
  • F.C.D. casting is construction.
  • Non-stopping punching when push out the products by shutter device.
  • PP、HIPS、OPS、PLA、PET、PVC、PE、ABS、PSP…etc various material are available for Food & Industrial packaging
  • PLC and color touch screen control. Allow 40 Modules memory.


Max Trimming Size 1,030 (W) x 340 (L) mm
Trimming height Max Max: 150 mm
Trimming Stroke 220 mm
Trimming Speed 30-90 cycle/min
Trimming force 8 Ton
Operation Method Fully automatic PLC and color touch screen control
Machine Dimension 2,750 (L) x 2,450 (W) x 2,950 (H) mm
Machine Weight 5.000 kgs


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